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a key liaison between public and private sectors, including the intelligence community (IC)

After graduating from the University of Texas, MIA founder Don McAlvany became a key liaison between public and private sectors, including the intelligence community (IC), both domestically and internationally. For six years he held a formal position as the National Marketing Director of the world’s largest gold share investment company. His unofficial shadow role involved extensive international travel, meeting with high-level political leaders, presidents and various freedom fighting resistance groups around the world.

Featured speaker at political, monetary, and investment conferences globally

He has been a featured and high-demand speaker at political, monetary, and investment conferences globally. This includes Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the African Continent at large (South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Angola, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Swaziland), the Pacific Rim (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea), India, Nepal, the Asian Tiger Cub countries (the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand), Australia, as well as all over the North American continent and Latin America.

Financial, economic, political, and geopolitical events in the US and around the world.

Comprehensive Background

Well qualified to research and expound upon major financial, economic, political, and geopolitical events around the world.

Strong Track Record

Don holds the position of Chairman of the Board of his successful financial company that he started with his wife over 49 years ago.

Invested In Giving Back

Acting President of Asian Pacific Children's Fund and has been leading expansion at steady rate to help those less fortune than most.

Trusted Source Of Analysis

Don is Chief Editor for McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, providing trusted, top-tier intel to thousands of loyal subscribers for nearly 5 decades.

Leading A Diverse Team

Leads a team of highly experienced and educated global business/financial, social/political Masters and Doctorate level analysts.

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"At first I wasn't sure if I'd be wasting my money, But I very quickly learned that wasn't true! MIA provides good information on the economy and the world rather than clickbait. Subscribing also gives me the important guidance I need for my investments."



"Everyone should educate themselves and pay attention to what is going on around them. Things are moving very fast. Ever since I subscribed I started looking at the world around me in a whole new light. I feel stronger and more confident that I know what path to be on."



"Before I subscribed, it was hard to find a good publication. I was glad to find McAlvany Intelligence Advisor. It was what I was looking for and it covers areas that I am very much interested in. I like to read honest, in-depth, analysis covering many important subjects."



"The resources in the Issues have been life saving. I look forward to every new release each month. Before subscribing I'd felt confused about what to think about all the things happening around the world but this gives me so much information on understanding the underlying factors at a much deeper level."



"McAlvany Intelligence Advisor will provide you with an in-depth analysis of current issues, how they impact your life, the dynamics behind the issues, the effects on your life and what you can do to strategize to make your personal circumstances the best that they can be."



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